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In this Outside the Box, we get the lowdown on Grey's Anatomy from Jesse Williams.
The actor said Heigl, who was maligned for speaking out about working conditions on the ABC series, was "ahead of her time."
Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks with Ricky about how he wound up buying a candy store with Paul Rudd.
The "Grey's Anatomy" star said in September that the two once went toe to toe when Washington directed an episode of the ABC drama.
After vividly telling pandemic stories last year, shows like “This Is Us” and “Grey’s Anatomy” have now put COVID-19 firmly in the past.
The longtime cast member and producer can't stop calling for the show's demise.
The actor, writer and director talks about building her creative career and the many turns it has taken over the past two decades.
The two locked horns during an episode Washington directed.
The actor "was terrorizing the set," the executive said in a tell-all book about the ABC medical drama.
The actor said her spouse, Chris Ivery, "had no idea what he was getting into."