"It is important for people to meet trans people as people first."
"I love doing period pieces!" Gushed the classically stunning actress of both The Artist and Parkland, San Diego native Bitsie
In anticipation of the new “Grimm” Season 6 on NBC this fall, we captured three backstage interviews with cast members Bitsie
NEW YORK -- Television fans take to Twitter to mourn the end of The A.V. Club covering their favorite TV shows. "TV Club
David Dean Bottrell and alien invaders at Sci Fest L.A. (Photo by Ed Olen) In addition to Ian's Prayertown, Evening A includes
Shedding some of its listless lackluster, the summer show is becoming a testing ground for young artists, or those working in less sale-able and more experimental mediums, like installation and video.
HuffPost Live takes a look at the weirdest, funniest and most ridiculous moments from the Republican Party's many State of the Union responses.
Grimm had threatened to throw a reporter off a Capitol balcony after President Barack Obama's State of the Union address
Milbank's Monday column described nasty comments directed toward a Muslim woman at a Heritage Foundation event, where Milbank
For the first time in TV history, horror on the small screen rivals (and often surpasses) big screen horror in terms of acting, story, cinematography -- and viewers. 2014 finds American television in a coming of age for horror series.