The actor talked Grinch theories but declined to provide the recipe for "Who Hash."
Republicans promised the American people a tax bill for Christmas, and this week they delivered. It’s definitely a bill for
"We were looking for a voice to express comedic wickedness while embodying vulnerability."
The grumpy character was cuffed for a tongue-in-cheek arrest photo.
Changes in the way we think about mobility is continuing to happen in Los Angeles because the old models of moving people around the region are severely limited and are not doing the trick for a growing number of us.
Dr. Phil suggests that it’s never too late to create new memories. “Somehow or another, you have to do whatever it takes
No one suggests you cut back entirely on your children or spouse, but with average spending hitting $224 per child in 2013
Police in Pasadena are looking for a group of burglars who broke into a family’s home through a doggy door and stole gifts, money and an urn containing ashes.
The scene is reminiscent of a theft on Dec. 5, also in Southern California, in which Grinches stole Christmas decorations
I am usually in the spirit of giving, my heart is usually open, and I believe in peace and good will toward everyone. And strangely, it is the holidays when I start to tighten up.
Dear reader, we know you're a tightly wound bundle of misanthropic hatred. It's the season of cheer and goodwill toward mankind
From Homer to Disney, and Dr. Seuss to Charles Bukowski, many famous poems and poets have made the leap from book to box
In May, McKaig made headlines after he recorded his own take of the famous "Star Wars" theme, mimicking the entire symphony
The estate, represented by the Dr. Seuss Foundation charity, has also benefited from the more than 500 million copies of
"Dinger used his position as an employee of the Salvation Army to steal the donations provided by honest citizens looking
Not all towns have the same holiday spirit. From miserly gifts to long work hours to less volunteering, The Daily Beast ranks
Does your business slow down during the Holiday season? How do you stay positive, on track and in the black? Here's a few tips I share with my coaching clients.