The 79-year-old actor had been upstairs but came down to the living room as the 30-year-old suspect was being arrested.
While the gag may have caused the officer’s heart to grow, it did not stop the driver from getting cited for being in the HOV lane during a restricted time.
The right-wing network is starting its annual war on Christmas early, saying President Joe Biden is the Grinch due to supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic.
A question about a condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, upset many viewers.
"Are we really this desperate for release, and if so, what does it say about us if we can only get it by potentially giving our kids nightmares?"
Why we still love the Grinch after more than 60 years.
The actor talked Grinch theories but declined to provide the recipe for "Who Hash."
"We were looking for a voice to express comedic wickedness while embodying vulnerability."
The grumpy character was cuffed for a tongue-in-cheek arrest photo.