The disgraced lawyer responded Wednesday on Newsmax to Cassidy Hutchinson's claims.
The misdemeanor complaint was filed by the local sheriff in October, two months after Cuomo resigned from office.
Two women manipulated claims of harassment to further their game play. The fallout is complicated.
A sealed indictment alleges a “previously uncharged incident,” an assistant Manhattan district attorney said.
The anonymous accuser told New York magazine she was "deeply, deeply uncomfortable" with Franken's behavior.
"How do you know he actually did that?" the former White House deputy told a caller on his radio show.
Blogger and comedian Claudia Oshry said the actor molested her when she was a teenager. Gooding denied the allegation.
The former Obama adviser also dismissed comments the 2020 presidential candidate has made about girls’ looks at campaign events as “generational.”
"It’s certainly not cool," the actor told Esquire.
During his many years in public life, "not once ― never ― did I believe I acted inappropriately,” he said.