"How do you know he actually did that?" the former White House deputy told a caller on his radio show.
Blogger and comedian Claudia Oshry said the actor molested her when she was a teenager. Gooding denied the allegation.
The former Obama adviser also dismissed comments the 2020 presidential candidate has made about girls’ looks at campaign events as “generational.”
During his many years in public life, "not once ― never ― did I believe I acted inappropriately,” he said.
Authorities say Southwest Airlines passenger Bruce Alexander told them the president "says it's OK to grab women by their private parts."
"You can stand up for yourself," Emelia Holden said.
The uncomfortable 2007 incident is getting a replay after the recent sexual battery charge against the comedian.
The jury awarded the performer the symbolic $1 she sought from an ex-DJ.
David Mueller can't prove the singer got him fired.
Nursing home workers tell police they saw it more than once.
After being groped and kissed (uninvited and unwanted) by my married boss, I did what Donald Trump and his supporters are criticizing his accusers for not doing: I spoke up at the time. And the unfortunate consequences to me for doing so were monumental.
But Brock Turner isn't a rapist. The comments section looks a lot like: "What Feminists Won't Say About Trump's Latest Accuser
With the Nov. 8 election now only weeks away and polls turning against him, Trump is spending precious time in campaign speeches defending himself from accusations from several women.
Donald Trump has a new answer for why he's about to lose in a landslide. It's all a vast left-wing conspiracy. No, really.
The Trump sex assault tape sounds worse with each listen. Every syllable engenders feelings of being small and wretched and humiliated. I search for the genesis of these emotions, for the source of my desire to curl up into an invisible ball.