gross food

This article will not restore your faith in humanity.
In this Moments in Travel I visit the Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan, South Korea, escorted by a group of local hospitality students. They introduce me to a fundamental staple of Korean cuisine, fresh seafood, so fresh in fact, that pieces of it are still "alive" when I consume it...
Some processed foods are most enjoyable when consumed under a veil of ignorance. Otto Von Bismarck, the politician who allegedly
"They're a little soggy and they taste like shoes ... I don't think those are Grape Nuts. I think that might be dog doody
We have some brave souls out there.
FSIS requires that products we inspect, including those derived from pork, must be accurately labeled and cannot purport
I'd seen bizarre offerings at restaurants across China, but this was the weirdest. Not just AIDS soup, but AIDS Soup with Sheep Placenta.
No one really HAS to try these, but they darn near jumped off the shelf at my favorite Asian market a couple weeks ago, so I figured I had a duty to try them... so you don't have to.
We all know that Pizza Hut isn't exactly a hub of healthy eating, but in case you haven't heard, Pizza Hut Middle East is
Doesn't the name "sweetbreads" suggest something wonderful and tasty? However, the second it's explained that you're dining on a large mammal's thymus gland, not so much. Here are 12 other foods that seem like they could be a one-way ticket to uncontrollable vomiting.
But would you make the same food choices if you knew the cereal had wood chips, the salad had sunscreen or bug poison in
Before you chomp down on a hot dog at a Labor Day cookout, be warned -- worms, metal, maggots and even a razor have been
Few products must be more delicately named than food. Conjuring the wrong image could confuse potential customers, make them
Chef Gordon Ramsay threw up after eating this Icelandic delicacy. I did marginally better.