ground zero

The former president is once again glorifying himself for helping with rescue efforts in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attack. Except there’s no proof he actually did.
Trump bragged that it was "a great honor" to have worked at Ground Zero after the 2001 terrorist attack. His story has never been verified.
"Kevin, if you’re watching and if you’re listening, be a man," said John Feal, who was a worker at Ground Zero.
The president once again told his dubious story that he and a team of employees helped at Ground Zero -- an assertion nobody has been able to prove.
Lawmakers this year are working to end the legislative gridlock that has stymied aid for those who fell ill from exposure after the attack.
9/11-related illnesses often make affected families feel like that dark day has never ended.
Before signing a bill granting compensation to 9/11 first responders, President Donald Trump bragged that he had “spent a lot of time” with them in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.
The president told first responders that while he doesn't consider himself to be one of them, he was at the site of the Sept. 11 attacks, too.
We must remember where we were those first few moments and ask where we want to go now -- as a people, as a society, as a country.