Group home

A North Carolina group home says federal law could hurt foster kids with nowhere else to go.
New law favors placing kids with families over group homes.
Few noticed, but Congress passed a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s troubled foster care system. Child welfare advocates say it will have a dramatic impact on children and their families.
One woman's testimony about her experiences in the child welfare system.
In the foster care system, it has long been recognized that to cut all aid at age 18 was to invite poor outcomes with disproportionately high numbers of foster youth experiencing homelessness, incarceration and diminished educational opportunity.
Fifteen-year-old Davion Navar Henry Only has spent his entire life in Florida's foster care system. He's been moved from placement to placement throughout his childhood. For some children like Davion, foster care can last an entire childhood.
2013-09-23-EntChallenge.jpgToday, at the age of 38, Stephanie and her daughter have full medical coverage through her job. 'And,' she says, 'we are completely free of the welfare system.'
2013-09-23-EntChallenge.jpgThe design studio is a sight to behold: Lightweight sculptures hang from 20-foot ceilings, the metallic arms of silk-screening equipment gleam.