group therapy

I welcome the change from being a director at work to being an outpatient at the treatment center. Someone is caring for me. Someone is monitoring me. I relax the reins. It feels safe there. Contained. Warm and dusky. Like I imagine a womb.
Imagine every week you spend a couple hours sharing music and having fun. You meet old friends, and make new ones. There's no plan beforehand what you're going to play.
All the bad things, clinically referred to as maladaptive coping strategies, change brain chemistry, and most will set off
"One person, a therapist, isn't always going to come up with all the answers."
Her descriptions are so raw -- at times embarrassingly so -- that readers may cringe at the depth of the author's honesty and abandon.
I’m telling my story in the hopes that people can begin to realize that eating disorders and mental disorders can affect everyone. What I am doing is something that has scared me for a long time, but I feel like it is something I need to do.
But did you read that thing about Hyde Park where they cut off Paul McCartney and Springsteen? There comes a point where
The same researcher writes that "at Kaiser, group psychotherapy is the way to pretend that patients are not kept on a waiting
To calm their anxieties, some coaches recently met with renowned French sports psychologist Dr. Pierre-Klouseau (P.K.) Freeqique in Johannesburg. Coaches of such high stature rarely gather in a collective group therapy session. But they were desperate.
It can be comforting to look into the eyes of another who wakes in the morning whose first thought is of loss, and the same true before they fall asleep at night.