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"I definitely gravitate towards sad music. Back when I was in high school I would buy a CD and find the saddest song on the record and listen to that."
Sam Gerson and his friends spent an hour trying to reel in a mysterious animal.
Think of the ocean now as a bank account where everybody withdraws but nobody makes a deposit. We're taking fish out of the ocean faster than they can replenish. In contrast, marine reserves are savings accounts, with a principal set aside that produces returns.
Cape Coral resident Jon Black reeled in a massive, 552-pound goliath grouper last week that was nearly as big as Black's
"I've honestly never seen anything like that before," Sabir told GrindTV. But, even if the diver wasn't familiar with that
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He gets up to go to the bathroom....and never returns, and you never hear from him ever again. Guess he fell into the toilet bowl and drowned to death?
One of the most dangerous yet confusing toxic pollutants is mercury in seafood. Mercury is very bad for developing fetuses and children, and seafood is very good for them. But mercury is in all seafood. Like I said: confusing.
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These apps are betting that you will.
Contrary to popular belief, technology has influenced the way we date for years. With the invention of the telephone, men could communicate with women remotely rather than pay a visit to her home. As cars filled American highways,couples could go on dates free from parental supervision.
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Eat right with these 10 recipes.
Cultivating a dating status quo in which we act as if we have nothing to lose is ultimately detrimental for us all. After all, when you have nothing to lose, what could you possibly have to gain?
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Lastly, you answer five questions on a sliding scale. For example, would you rather go to a dive bar or a fancy club or some
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Jeremy Wade and "River Monsters" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on Animal Planet) returned for a fourth season, with Wade on the hunt for
You don't want to meet any more cyber avatars of people. You want to meet more people. Why you'd use it: Grouper, while not
With the Start Project, some successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are banding together to start companies. They're not