growing older

"Binge-watching is the new binge-drinking, and unless you mean 'Popcorn and Pixar' I don’t PNP."
Stop celebrating the exceptions and start accepting the realities of growing old.
Who are you becoming? Or, perhaps a flash of wisdom. What matters to you now that you are 45, 59, 64 or 75? How is your story
Some days breaking a half hour sitcom story feels like forever. And everything else literally just flies by. You'll stop
Now that I am firmly in my 90s, I know you are anxiously awaiting a report. I have good news for you; it's fine.
Sources: Our risk for sleep apnea is always based in our anatomy--the structure of the nose, throat, and jaw--but it is certainly
In November I will be 90. This is a busy time for me. This summer and fall have been a time of funerals. Eight in the past four months. They all follow the same pattern, An M.C., religious or not, calls speakers to the podium -- spouse, children, grandchildren, a few friends. I check the crowd, speculate on how mine will compare.
What's next? It is now time to move these discoveries from the laboratory into human trials. The first such trial, the TAME
My God, my 60th birthday's barreling down faster than Usain Bolt in Rio. There's less than one month to go and I'm feeling a funny brew. There's definitely a 'Holy-sh*t, how did I get here?' vibe. After all, I was 25 a week ago.
In the mid 2000s, Irene Sinclair's face adorned advertisements and billboards throughout the UK. As part of the Campaign for Real Beauty developed by Dove, the 96-year-old great grandmother was chosen to help challenge conventional thinking about beauty.