grown children

As much as they enjoy my cooking, they also kept telling me that they would rather spend time with me, maybe play some games or watch a movie without me falling asleep in the first ten minutes.
High school is a much bigger deal than some people realize-- until they're in the moment. High school graduation is the end of a lot of things, and the start of so many others. It's the end of your child's time in schools that you (the parent) know, that you have been a part of. It's the end of a time when you know their teachers and the place they go each day.
Boxes are packed and trucks are loaded. My youngest son is smiling from ear to ear, excitement and eagerness plastered across his mischievous grin as my heart is pulled in two. I've watched all morning as he, his father, brother and friend have made numerous trips up and down the stairs hauling box after box, pieces of furniture and clothes to load.
Toni and her husband, Ricky, say they recently kicked Toni's unemployed 31-year-old son, Justin, out of their home. "He's
My wife and I tried hard to be good parents, raising our boys to be respectful of others, work hard and make an impact on
Finding the right balance is personal to every family and may set the pattern — for better or worse — for years to come. Here
Each time I think I've got a handle on this evolution of parenting, this transition in my role within my children's lives, and my new place in the world, I find another stumbling block; I catch myself swatting at imaginary boogie monsters.
You know your kids have turned into grown-ups when they listen to your advice. Mind you, I don't mean take your advice. I mean listen -- gently and kindly -- as you talk away about how you did things when you were their age. Or how you did things last week.
My boys came over last night for one last dinner in our dining room. One last chance to look around, breathe in the sweet unexplainable scent that hovers in the air and belongs uniquely to our home, this home which my two boys entered as children and are leaving as men.
It was the house in which my oldest son took his first steps, the house in which we brought home from the hospital two more newborn baby boys, and in which we celebrated all of their accomplishments and milestones.
Despite all of the hard work, the stinky, slimy, exhausted-ness of having a baby, there are times when I miss it so much it's as if something is pulling on my uterus, some external force telling me I NEED a baby.
The single best thing about our first year blogging has been expanding our world with all of the amazing writers we have met. The second best thing is reading their work. In that spirit we have gathered some of the best reading we found in 2012.
It is a familiar beauty, this road to the beach; we have taken it before. There were summer family vacations here. There were getaways like this one; weekends without the kids. But this is the first time that we cross this bridge in our fifth decade.
One of the biggest storms in history is hitting the East Coast, my children are in the middle of it and I'm 3,000 miles away from them. This bothers me way more than it bothers them.
I am slowly learning that the skills required for being a parent of grown children are quite different from those required to parent younger children. The early days seem easy now. These days require more: listen closely, practice restraint... not my strong suit.
I clicked on a website. "Hey," I sat up straight. "Take a look at this." He glanced over, and then his eyes caught. I nodded. He moved closer. "What do you think?" My voice was quiet.
Two and a half million of us are fully responsible for our grandchildren. It's a far cry from the way many of us expected life to be by now -- carefree, independent and dropping postcards en route.