E-bikes, and the large population of delivery cyclists who ride them, are the key to New York City’s booming takeout industry. So why does the city confiscate and ticket them at an alarming rate? Cycling advocates say it’s part of an outdated law that affects populations of immigrants working long hours, often serving as contractors who lack health insurance and the ability to sue their employers or push back on tech industry behemoths. Mayor Bill de Blasio says the crackdown is a response to safety concerns and community complaints, and regulation is aimed at businesses that break the law. HuffPost took to the streets on two wheels to examine how the system is failing immigrants and what can be done to fix it.
The fast food chain plans to open 700 delivery-only kitchens by 2025.
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Grubhub's annual "Year in Food" report reveals which dishes became more popular during the pandemic.
It's my quarantine mega time-saver.
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Could your last delivery order have been, in fact, a Charles Entertainment Cheese pizza?
Grubhub shared which takeout and delivery food items have become more popular amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The biggest tip during the coronavirus pandemic: Order directly from the restaurant when you can. Then limit your personal contact and tip big.
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