gsa scandal

Jeffrey Neely, a General Services Administration regional commissioner who organized an extravagant Las Vegas employee conference, was indicted on fraud charges Thursday by a federal grand jury in San Francisco.
Known as the "First Fridays Product Testing Program," the GSA asks three recruited participants to perform 35 minutes of tasks on an agency test website.
No one sets out to get in trouble, but they end up there nonetheless. If you're interested in avoiding negative public attention and keeping your neck off the chopping block, here are some rules for federal leaders to live by.
This week is Public Service Recognition Week: a time to honor the men and women who serve our nation as government employees. But lately, the feeding frenzy surrounding scandals by federal employees will not go away.
Just when you thought you had heard enough about GSA's overspending, this video appears...
The size and scope of government means scandals like those at GSA and The Secret Service are inevitable. Simply making more rules won't end scandals -- that's impossible -- but may make government even less efficient.