By Rebecca Nebel, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Scientific Programs at SWHR In our previous Hormones Across the Lifespan posts
8. Foidart, J.-M., J. Vervliet, and P. Buytaert, Efficacy of sustained-release vaginal oestriol in alleviating urogenital
Starting and growing your own small business can be--and usually is--an agonizingly lonely activity.
I have advocated using the expression "gender and sexual minorities," or the acronym "GSM," as the collective political term for people who are not cisgender and/or heterosexual. So it was welcome news when UK therapists came out this year in favor of a splendid refinement of the term.
Please, don't start calling the Democrat Party "progressive" because of this one long-awaited act of kindness to us. The real progressive party in this nation, the Green Party, has always affirmed that our rights as gender and sexual minorities are human rights.
T-MOBILE, SFR LEAD NEW RANKING Mobile networks of Germany's T-Mobile and France's SFR offer their clients the best protection
It would appear that there is a growing trend in the mobility space. Handset manufacturers are making smart phones socially