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A team of YouTube filmmakers have put the violent game to a more peaceful purpose -- creating a fake ocean documentary using the game's engine.
New versions of Rockstar's hit "Grand Theft Auto V" will feature a new first-person mode according to an announcement made Tuesday.
Just in time for Halloween, a "creepy murderer" is stalking the streets of "Grand Theft Auto Online."
Rockstar Games, which publishes the series, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Note: YouTube videos of
For many players, 'Grand Theft Auto V' is not about playing a game, but about experiencing an insanely detailed and realistic
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"The ['GTA V'] sales easily break the previous record set when Activision Blizzard Inc.'s 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' hit
Cops tracked down the pilfering pair using surveillance video. They were both charged with strong-armed robbery and dealing
If you've been surfing the Internet at all, you're probably aware by now that the long-awaited video game "Grand Theft Auto
The company wrote in a press release: "Grand Theft Auto V" delivered the highest first day retail sales of any title in the
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Think it's all explosions and sex with prostitutes? Nope. GTA V is so realistic it doesn't skip over the boring, mundane
Gaming enthusiasts across the board lauded "GTA V" for its "extraordinarily beautiful" visuals, huge open world "packed with
Love or hate Grand Theft Auto, you have to admit that it's pretty addictive. This musical by the AVbyte Brothers does a pretty
As fans of the GTA franchise can surmise, things don't quite go according to plan, and the end of the trailer gives a glimpse