A spokesperson for the fast-food giant said the Guangzhou restaurant had been temporarily closed and staff will undergo training.
The malady resembles a brain injury that affected U.S. personnel in Cuba.
Some have reported experiencing dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, fatigue and cognitive issues.
Yeah, maybe it was a tailless lizard that crawled into his ear.
But she ended up delaying the flight for several hours.
China is cracking down on African migrants even as many Chinese migrate to Africa.
Explore the culinary and cultural hotspots of Spain When you're on vacation, shopping is practically a rite of passage. But
The turn of the lunisolar calendar spurs the country's largest annual migration.
It is not everyone's weekend getaway. In the nation's southwest, bordered by Sichuan on the northwest and Yunnan on the south, Guizhou is among China's poorest provinces.
For me at least, WeChat became a central feature of the trade mission. My Chinese contacts immediately found me. They shared their "moments," personal and professional.