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The prison population is below 100 for the first time since it opened in January 2002.
"Even in the world of bad ideas on Guantanamo policy, proposing to punish some of America's closest allies for agreeing to
"Justly, legally, yes, I think we are," he said. In the latest installment a new four-part series pulling back the curtain
During his first year in office, the president formed an interagency panel of top security and law enforcement experts to review every detainee at Guantanamo and cleared more than half of the detainees for release. Yet, most remain imprisoned.
The human rights organization Reprieve has staged one of those force-feedings, with the help of rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), following the standard operating procedure outlined in leaked instructions. The session was filmed and published by the Guardian.
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When you watch the strange, repetitive political dance that swirls around Guantanamo -- the president announcing yet again that he plans to "close" it and the Republicans swearing that they won't let him -- it's hard not to wonder what alternative universe we live in.
The lawyer who first drew up White House policy on lethal drone strikes has accused the Obama administration of overusing
Defense attorney Cherly Bormann said her client, Walid bin Attash, had returned to his cell after Tuesday's hearing to find
I have some advice for the U.S. government going forward: if you don't want to "inflame the street," don't commit acts that will inflame the street.
This month sees the tenth anniversary of Guantánamo as we have come to know it, and the U.S. Government is still trying to restrict access to the island prison camp from the public.
After taking office, the Obama administration reviewed the detainee population at Guantanamo Bay and chose 48 prisoners for
Of the 66 Guantanamo Bay detainees freed in the two years since President Obama took office, a handful are suspected of going
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has directed the federal government to buy the near-empty state prison in rural Thomson
When the government failed to respond, the organizations filed a lawsuit charging that these government agencies illegally
Back in 2002, our rock star Rumsfeld famously referred to Guantanamo prisoners as "the worst of the worst." The press loved it. Rummie must have loved the line too, because he kept using it.
And Geneve Mantri, Amnesty International USA's terrorism and counterterrorism director, told us, "Amnesty International is
Numerous State Department cables to foreign government delegations in 2002 and 2003 show that each country was subject to