Guantanamo closure

John McCain said the Pentagon's plan on Guantanamo is more like a wish list.
The Pentagon estimate for closing the prison and building another one in the United States was as high as $600 million.
Just because he signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law doesn't mean he feels legally bound by all of it.
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Monday said the U.S. should be "proud" of how it treats the "savages" it detains
Hopefully Ashton Carter, President Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense, will make a strong commitment to closing down Guantanamo before the end of President Obama's term. His confirmation hearing will be a key indicator of how committed he is to this goal.
Obama is correct that Congress has worked to make it increasingly difficult to entirely close down the prison. But as The
During his first presidential run, Obama made closing Guantanamo a central element of his pledge to break with the Bush years
In 2007, Mitt Romney set himself apart from the pack of presidential candidates by staking out an extreme position on the
It was just a year ago that the question of how to close the detention center sparked a furor in Congress, with Democratic
The comments from Axelrod are an illustration of how wary the White House is of promising movement on the Gitmo front. The