Guantanamo force-feeding

The prisoner's lawyer said the footage was so disturbing she had trouble sleeping after she saw it.
She called the government's arguments for classifying the videos "repetitive, speculative, and extremely vague."
U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler issued her order a day after she laid into Justice Department lawyers in court for repeatedly
It was unclear what exactly lead to the Defense Department's decision, but the nurse's case may have been helped by a military
Transparency is a core component of JTF-GTMO's mission, a repeated pledge of the Obama administration, and a pillar of our democracy. The courts should force the military to live up to it.
Force-feeding started at Guantanamo in response to fear that self-starving captives would stir anti-American ire. It would be ironic were this response itself to rouse worldwide outrage, making allies less likely to collaborate with us and stiffening our enemies' resolve.
The great thing about living in the United States is that if you've gotten caught up in the criminal or military justice system you can go to court to seek redress. That's a lot different from the way it is in places like Iran where you can be arrested and held indefinitely without access to a lawyer or even knowing what charges you face.
Xenakis testified that Dhiab had made “very reasonable” requests that were denied by authorities in Guantanamo, who he said
Cori Crider, an attorney for Dhiab with the group Reprieve, said in a statement that "sanity prevailed" in the case and that
Last week, Obama administration lawyers filed a stack of documents in a case about my husband -- including sealed videos of him being taken to be force-fed at Guantanamo Bay. I don't think I could bear to see those videos. It shocks me, though, that the American people may never be given the opportunity to see for themselves what is happening in their name.
Kessler, who has apparently viewed three of the videos of Dhiab being force-fed, said she was trying to avoid any delays
Eisenberg, meanwhile, said the unique circumstances in Guantanamo made it difficult for him to disprove the claim that the
WASHINGTON -- Military officials at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp announced on Monday that they would stop automatically
WASHINGTON -- A Guantanamo protester had a tube snaked through his nose and down his throat, with liquid nutrient pumped
As a nation, we must do better. We must respect everyone's human rights, including those of detainees in our custody and care. Holding people in detention indefinitely violates American values and our country's core principles of justice and fairness.
Though so little in American politics has changed, the debate about Guantanamo feels -- and genuinely seems -- renewed.
Feinstein Durbin Guantanamo Letter Feinstein visited Guantanamo with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) earlier this year. She has
Eighty-six days after an early morning raid forced detainees who had been living together in cell blocks back to their individual
While I break my fast with with friends and family, the men and women of Guantanamo will have their fast purposely broken far away from any family -- some being detained now for almost a decade.