Guantanamo obama

The transfer was the largest group removed from Guantanamo in Obama's effort to close the prison.
That would mean at least 15 other detainees would be added to a list of 48 who the administration had planned to hold indefinitely
Obama is correct that Congress has worked to make it increasingly difficult to entirely close down the prison. But as The
Once upon a time, in the long-ago days of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, we may have had the worst and most abusive presidential
Today, however, the detention center at Guantanamo appears less likely than ever to close. There are 166 people currently
Obama's signature caps an intense sequence of events for opponents of indefinite detention. In November, a bipartisan group
In 2007, Mitt Romney set himself apart from the pack of presidential candidates by staking out an extreme position on the
As lawmakers fall all over each other to prove who's toughest on terrorism, critics from across the political spectrum are finally starting to decry the absurd results.
After Guantanamo, after state secrets, after cap and trade, health care, the settlement freeze, and Afghanistan, it will be hard to answer the skeptic who says Obama lacks the conviction of his convictions.