From DREAMers to assault survivors to transgender soldiers, Democrats’ guests at the State of the Union put a spotlight on the issues.
Photo: Courtesy of CNP Montrose If you've ever been single (duh!), you can sympathize with the fact that navigating the world
If you're looking to do something different, something memorable, take a look at these four unique ideas for wedding favors.
For a few unlucky women, someone actually did decide to object to the ceremony rather than hold his or her peace. Read the stories from real brides below!
It's an old joke: if you only ate healthy food, would you live to 100, or would it just seem that way? A close friend of many years, Gina, regaled us at a recent birthday lunch about the Dinner Guests from Hell whose dietary requirements were so draconian she feared serving her first ever company meal of carrot sticks and water.
Make sure your out-of-town guests-- whether they're long-distance relatives or old friends-- feel like they are welcomed in your home. Clean sheets and hot water are a given for your house guests, but there are many other things you can do be the perfect host.
These tips for how to pick uninvited guests out of the crowd are more useful than ever.
The guest list is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding.
Navigating modern party etiquette can be tricky for both hosts and guests. These 10 do's and don'ts should help clear up everything from what to bring (try a book instead of flowers) to those pesky details (t.p., olive pit bowls) you will not want to forget.
- What if people don't like me? - What if they disagree with me? - What if others think my idea is stupid? - What if my house
Have the whole clan coming to stay during the holidays? If you're wondering where on earth to put everyone, these ideas can help. From chic sleeper sofas and daybeds to trundles, bunks, hide-a-beds and air mattresses, see which of these solutions can work for you.
Some of us will spend the most time we've ever spent all year round in our kitchens basting, chopping, stirring and hoping that it all turns out well. I thought I'd whip up some dos and don'ts for both hosts and guests.
Dusting and changing bed sheets are nice, but, to bring your best hostess game, you've got to go all out holiday inn, and create the perfect cozy space in your home for guests to feel welcome and comfortable.
The final episode of Craig Ferguson's 'The Late Late Show' is set for December 19th, and so are the guests.
Dust, Mop, Vacuum and Wipe Dirty surfaces are not acceptable in my house. I use Pledge to wipe down marble, wood, and formica
"Saturday Night Live" returns Saturday, May 3, at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. Get ready for a lot more cowbell. According to Variety
Joey's parents wanted to come visit and see our first house so we had to quickly get the guest room guest-ready! Watch the video above to see the entire transformation including how we spruced up a thrift store dresser in a matter of hours.