The artist of the piece says, "Everything seems absurd until we die and then it makes sense.”
The Louvre Museum has withdrawn a sculpture from its upcoming program for being too sexually explicit.
How to describe her work? "She's working with light and color," says Henry. "She's trying to explore how the perception of
This new "energized abstraction" is confident and, most importantly, feels more relevant and urgent than ever in today's
Their idea was to punch holes in the notion of opposites, of myths, of science, of history. "With their boundless good humor and innate spirit of rebellion," says the curator of the Guggenheim retrospective, Nancy Spector, "Fischli and Weiss offer us... the chance to misuse time."
No brand is static. Even if key elements, such as a logo, remain familiar over the course of decades--think of the iconic Nike swoosh, which has been around since the early 1970s--it must still change, even subtly, in order to stay fresh and grow.
The Book Doctors met Jeff Holsinger at the Tucson Book Festival and when he told us about his book, The Invention of Fire, we just had to pick his brain about writing historical fiction, non-fiction, teaching fiction, plagues, witches, wars and guns.
At noon today, a group of artists and activists including members of the Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction (known as G.U.L.F.) unfurled
MR: it's hard to imagine people that far away like, i acknowledge you, i want to give you that KB: if i had to guess, i'd
The recently released list of galleries to join Art Miami continues to make this fair a remarkable assemblage of innovative works by emerging and established artists. Here's an accounting of noteworthy new exhibitors that caught my attention.
And finally, could we really say that the Guggenheim Helsinki Competition was created for social media without the emergence
I was in Vegas for the first time about a decade ago, to attend (by kind invitation) the opening of a sexhibition -- sorry, exhibition -- of Impressionist paintings from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg at the Venetian Resort/Hotel/Casino.
The new study on the Léger fake was detailed in The European Physical Journal Plus. Mandò said this is the first time a "bomb
I came away from DIFF a believer in this as a film festival with a vision of the future of film, from the standpoint of aesthetics, technology and business.
Entering the mighty Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue can be a spiritual experience for many of us, particularly when one is eagerly anticipating a riveting survey exhibition by Christopher Wool, an artist whose time has come.
"I do really get into that small space in the painting. I like the rounded shape of that armpit, that's kind of pleasing to me. Separating the parts of the model from the rest of the body is a way I can claim them and make them my own, and turn them into compositions."
Today marks what would have been the 146th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright, the man who designed more than 1,000 architectural
Receiving a Grumbacher medal does not assure a visual artist that a line of patrons will appear at his or her door the next day, or making the cover of People magazine, or being ranked among the top artists of one's time.
Nathan Lane on Channeling a '30s-Era Burlesque Republican in "The Nance" "Nancy Spector is the preeminent curator of contemporary
Scroll down for more images of the exhibit and let us know what you think of Gabriel Orozco's love affair with the lost and