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I believe that by moving culture, you create space for politicians to enact policy; sometimes good and sometimes not so good. In this case, we know that the work of these artists will only uplift this nation for the better.
Beware of major spoilers if you're not caught up on "Scandal" Season 3. How long did it take to film that scene? KL: That
Here's why Young got our vote this week: Chris Harnick: Bellamy Young plays jilted and crazy so well, she's frighteningly
JOSHUA MALINA "You will see partial nudity from a character who has been fully clothed in the past. Either David or Abby
What makes Scandal such a sizzling show is that you root for every single character, good or bad. There is some underlying characteristic or quality that have you invested and wishing whatever circumstance they find themselves on will dissolve.
"Scandal" will soon be fixing our Thursday nights again when it returns for Season 3 (October 3 can't get here fast enough
What's up with Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Diaz)? Has their fan-favorite Huckleberry Quinn pairing brought Quinn past the
"Scandal" stars Guillermo Diaz and Scott Foley talk about Season 3, love triangles, the Huckleberry Quinn duo and the future of Olivia Pope & Associates.
Jake clearly cares about Olivia, enough to disobey direct orders to save her life, and before the Season 2 finale, Foley
"Sure! [Laughs.] I would be game for anything," she told HuffPost Live. "Whatever is thrown at us, we will take it on and
Though some fans have seen a little chemistry between Huck and his gladiator protege Quinn (Katie Lowes), Diaz told Vulture
There are some fans who think Abby and Harrison should be together. I've heard that! It's interesting because so far, for
But Huck was the name Verna Thornton had. She betrayed Olivia's trust to save her seat on the Supreme Court. "I could give
The First Couple Young: "There's a bit of an ultimatum happening [with them]. [Episode] 202 was so moving, but 203 is so
I got a special sneak peek of this week's second episode of Season 2, "The Other Woman," and while I don't want to spoil
Evils That Lurk Goldwyn: "Fitz has no idea how deceptive Cyrus can be. Not yet. Fitz's problem with Cyrus is that Fitz operates
An entire episode with Kenneth?! What will Walt cook up next? "30 Rock" is officially getting a dose of "Breaking Bad." According
Her producing partner, Betsy Beers, agreed, but teased that there are still unresolved issues: "But we do leave just enough
On this being Shonda Rhimes' third show currently on TV: Shonda Rhimes: "'Grey's' has done well, 'Private' has done well