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I believe that by moving culture, you create space for politicians to enact policy; sometimes good and sometimes not so good. In this case, we know that the work of these artists will only uplift this nation for the better.
In last week's episode, "YOLO," Huck turned all the tables when [SPOILER ALERT] he wrapped a naked Quinn in duct tape, licked
Chris Harnick: Bellamy Young plays jilted and crazy so well, she's frighteningly good as First Lady Mellie Grant. She took
KATIE LOWES "Oh shoot. Oh my god, I can't do this. I'm having an anxiety attack. OK, one of the lead characters dies. One
What makes Scandal such a sizzling show is that you root for every single character, good or bad. There is some underlying characteristic or quality that have you invested and wishing whatever circumstance they find themselves on will dissolve.
Tony Goldwyn recently told HuffPost TV that when Season 3 begins, "all hell is breaking loose at the White House over this
Not only will we find out who leaked Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) affair with the President (Tony Goldwyn) right off
"Scandal" stars Guillermo Diaz and Scott Foley talk about Season 3, love triangles, the Huckleberry Quinn duo and the future of Olivia Pope & Associates.
Since Foley's been tapped as a regular next season, we're guessing he won't spend too much time in that hole -- but will