guilty dog

Her owner went to administer some ear medicine in this video, posted last week, when Denver put on an especially toothy face
A. Avoid confrontation and run away from the authorities (her human). B. Turn herself in. The jig is up. Autumn decides to
H/T Viral Viral Videos Let's be real though: how could you stay mad at a face like that? “When are you going to stop getting
There is nothing that dogs love more than pleasing humans. Okay, except maybe food. So, what is a well trained-dog supposed
A compilation of dogs caught staring at people.
Maymo, the lemon beagle, and his little sister Penny are up to no good... again. Their owners could be barking mad, but instead
Translation: Guilty dogs are infinitely more guilty when sad music plays. Via Rarpictures
Incidentally, Aflaminwombat says the crate is never locked, and that the dog goes in and out of it at will. He says the dog
It's no secret that pets are capable of some pretty priceless things when they know they've done something wrong, and Berlin
Tank the English Mastiff is going to have a pretty tough time convincing his family that he didn't break into the trash can