Army Col. Mamadi Doumbouya announced on state television that the West African country's constitution is declared invalid in an apparent coup d'etat.
Guinea has so far recorded up to 10 suspected cases of Ebola and five deaths.
Mamadou Savané, owner of Sav's Grill in Lexington, Kentucky, brings the food of Guinea to the American South.
A nonprofit is helping refugees build careers in America as the Trump administration restricts resettlement.
Dr. Don Hopkins has been leading the fight to eradicate Guinea Worm Disease
While China's ban on the ivory trade represents a huge step forward for a country that only recently called ivory carving part of its intangible cultural heritage, it's simply not enough to turn Beijing into the responsible international actor it claims to be.
On Innovation: One head does not exchange ideas. Ghanaian proverb On Learning: Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated
Women often feel obliged to uphold the tradition and aren't aware of the fact that men are actually against it.
When it first began at the end of December 2013 in a rural village in Guinea, the Ebola virus had been restricted to a few
Girls who don't undergo FGM are considered "dirty" and could lose out on marriage prospects.
More than 11,300 people have died over the past two years in the world's worst Ebola epidemic, nearly all of them in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
In reporting an epidemic, narratives of life on the ground add impact and color to hard data on deaths and recovery rates
After more than 11,000 deaths, there are only a few remaining cases.
For a country to be declared free of the virus, it must go 42 days without seeing a new infection.