guinea pig

“I was suspicious, but it was tasty,” one skeptical customer told the Associated Press.
The guinea pigs apparently died of dehydration, and the cat was severely malnourished and distressed.
Discovering new cultures exposes you to more experiences (good and bad). One way to do that is try the local food. From cocktails to cuisine here is a nod to some of Peru's must try dishes.
We'd like to introduce you to the Internet's new sensation, "Booboo and her friends." The series, photographed by DeviantART
Grand Valley State University won't admit to violating a federal housing policy by initially denying a student's request
No matter where you travel, or who you leave behind, the end goal is to make your pet's day consistent and routine. Select an option that will give you the greatest peace of mind. Now pack up, unplug, and enjoy yourself. Bone voyage!
As many know, the ASPCA works tirelessly across the country to protect dogs, cats and horses. What some might not know is that we also help many other types of animals, in part by supporting other organizations through our grants program.
The AP reports the university has not yet received the lawsuit. Under the Fair Housing Act, the school should've made an
The crux of my trip to Ecuador was connecting with someone who looks at life through a different lens. This time, that lens involved eating guinea pig.