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Not fitting in as a literal condition: Too large for cars, Mauni goes everywhere on his trusty motorbike. Demonstrating the
The Guinness Book Of World Records has recognized the world’s oldest cat. 24-year-old Poppy of Dorset, England is blind, deaf, but still very much alive. And her owners credit her health to exercise, and a diet consisting of fish and chips, KFC, and kebab.
Ricky Camilleri talks to 73-year old twerker, Joan Wind.
Scottish news channel STV reports that Leaper has donated the bottle to the Fetlar Interpretative Centre in Shetland. The
"For an event like this involving 1,000 people to succeed first time is not just about luck," said Guinness World Records
The world's narrowest street could be seeing stop signs. The street, built in 1726, is contracting thanks to a leaning wall
As a part of her campaign to save the Twinkie, Wendy Williams invited competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi onto "The
What is it about records and the people who break them that is so fascinating to people?
Photos of the tower, via Getty. That honor goes to the Capital Gate building in Abu Dhabi, which was recently certified as