Still, that was actually what first got Roc Nation's attention. "Even when I told them I don't do EDM," Mayaeni says, "they
From his Carnatic musical roots in India, to his distinctive technical approach to playing guitar today, Prasanna challenges the listening audience to go on a ride with him. His newest CD All Terrain Guitar takes you on a musical journey, making a variety of stops along the way.
Before an ambulance could be summoned, a pair of strangers appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and performed life-saving CPR
Mayer and three of the surviving Grateful Dead band members -- Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann -- along with Oteil Burbridge, formerly of the Allman Brothers, and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti aren't a touring nostalgia act.
Donal Daly, CEO of Altify, knows a bit about these similar traits. An avid guitarist, and leader of a sales transformation
Does this not sound like a 21st century music class? Can you picture the room when you come in and see groups of students
He also can't wait to make Gussy's a must-hear venue that has a worldwide following. Photo by Nancy A. Ruhling It's a neighborhood
GuitarFest 2016: ¡Viva España! June 15-19, 2016 at New England Conservatory The year 2016 marks the 140th anniversary of
I finally shed massive tears for Prince a few days after he left us. Was not sure if I knew how to do so given the hole-in-the-heart sorrow I feel. I am sleepless, numb, and terribly sad that Prince is dead, gone from us forever.
Prince was one of the artists who really touched people. We're only now realizing that so much of that spiritual connection came courtesy of his mastery of the six-strings that have been mastered by so few and enjoyed by so many.
JL: On reading your book, I finally figured out the polka dot theme that has been one of your trademarks throughout your
SPEAKING OF RELATIONSHIPS Katy K. says, "Don't listen to him. Boys are stupid." Melany A. & Michele S. both say, "Don't date
Wör. Photo by Tom Abeloos. Used by permission of Wör My favorite new CD of Eurotunes is Back to the 1780s by the Flemish
I might look different, speak a different language, hail from a different country, and see the world from a completely different perspective than he does. But none of that mattered to Sergio; what mattered is that we both share a common passion for music.
The album's first play shows a confident, seasoned folk-pop star-to-be. You can easily envision his tracks being included
That festival was a really cool part of the Las Vegas scene before "Life Is Beautiful," emerged. This is the festival's first
Image Copyright (c) Mark Coggins, 2015 Bluesman playing at the BART Station in Glen Park. The City in Focus features regular
The map on the wall is punctuated with round red pins that look like Rudolph's reindeer nose. Each one of them, Ben Taylor explains, marks the spot where Beecher's Fault, the band he leads with Ken Lamken, has played.
I love listening to positive stories about people making a living at their passion. Pierce Fulton is just the guy I needed to hear from while waiting with baited breath for a weekend snowstorm here in New York. Plus, Pierce is really adorable.