It's arguable that building an "immortal brand" might be easier in the arts, products, and gaming where what is purchased
Brett: “Do you think there are any Ghosts in the building?” Paul: “God no! I haven’t run across any poltergeists in this
Great question! I like to sing stuff that's way out of my league, like Otis Redding or Roy Orbison. Or whatever comes up
All over the place, but most of it for this record came from nature. I moved to Denver, CO last year and spent more time
Boy From the Crowd is a hard-rocking duo from the U.K. Their style of music has been described as punk, punk meets blues, blues meets punk and garage band blues. However it's described, it's loud, visceral and hits like a hammer.
Squished into your economy seat 35,000 feet over Toledo, it's hard to picture yourself sauntering down the aisle to a lounge the size of your living room, plopping down into an overstuffed chair and listening to someone batting out your favorite tunes on a Wurlitzer piano -- and all in coach.
We're highlighting some of the classic guitars that changed the face of American rock 'n' roll -- and the amazing songs played on them to do so.
"Me, My Mother, My Father and I" will be on view at the New Museum through June 26. This article was first published on
"My husband, an artist, a guitar player and a lover of the blues, left this world suddenly. When I create objects of his passion, his presence returns and it rekindles his love, allowing me to give love to him again."
If you're feeling really loose with your bedroom rockstar ambitions, a swinging a guitar can be a dangerous move. But a guitar
If you haven't heard of him (which you probably haven't), get to know him. I will admit that I hadn't heard of him, but after listening to a few songs I am beyond impressed to now be aware of a very talented guitarist.
New York-Bonhams will offer the 70 guitars and 70 amps next Wednesday. The British artist's famous love song "Layla" was
The array within visually demonstrates Picasso blazing the trail in material and form for so many artists who were, and are still, to follow.