Gulf Coast

Building back may be prohibitively expensive as climate change threatens to unleash increasingly severe storms on coastal communities.
The potentially devastating storm is expected to make landfall Sunday afternoon.
Heavy rain led to high water late Saturday into early Sunday in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa metropolitan areas.
The impending storm forced postponement of weekend Juneteenth celebrations in Mississippi and Alabama.
The storm's strong winds, heavy rains and dangerous storm surge damaged buildings and killed at least one person.
Hurricane Laura’s torrential rain and destructive winds are battering the Gulf Coast.
Video footage of an event on a Texas beach showed maskless people twerking, drinking and standing way too close together.
Florida, Alabama and Mississippi declared states of emergency on Saturday.
Lows are predicted to hit minus 20F to minus 30F from Montana into the Dakotas and Minnesota, well below average.
Louie Gohmert of Texas claims he drove along the Gulf Coast looking for oil after Deepwater Horizon exploded but found only "a drop or two here and there.”