Gulf Cooperation Council

The Gulf crisis that pits Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Qatar is set to escalate with Doha certain to ignore Monday’s
The Trump-friendly lawmaker’s move threatens planned sales to Saudi Arabia and shows bipartisan anger with the administration's Mideast mismanagement.
The stakes for 31-year-old Prince Mohammed and Saudi Arabia’s ruling Al Saud family are high.
By James M. Dorsey A list of 13 conditions for lifting the Saudi-UAE led embargo of Qatar handed to the Gulf state this week
It all started on May 23 when an alleged fake news report run by a Qatari news agency stated Qatar’s support for Iran and
Although Saudi Arabia hosts Islam’s two holiest sites, in Mecca and Medina, the Al-Saud ruling family enjoys little religious
Co-authored by Andrea Petrelli Fair Observer (@myfairobserver) originally published this article on May 22, 2017 Since Saudi
The Twitter data about Iran, considered in light of the skew toward older Saudis in the telephone survey, also hints at a
Israel's strengthened economic and security cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council bloc is closely related to the GCC's growing indifference to the situation in Palestine, and Saudi Arabia's single-minded desire to undercut Iranian influence in the Middle East.
It is encouraging, therefore, that several Arab governments are growing more open to a frank discussion of their security