Gulf of California

The encounter left two men bloodied -- but not because of the shark.
"The world is looking for bold leadership at every level to tackle climate change and environmental conservation issues," the actor says.
There are fewer than 60 of the planet's rarest marine mammal. Scientists hope their capture plan will change that.
Just south of the international border in Mexico, the Sonoran Desert stretches to meet the Sea of Cortez. Remote springs and oases provide relief to an arid landscape of cactus and mountains, bordered by coastal wetlands and an ocean teaming with wildlife.
It's time to end the whale hunt and grant amnesty to these magnificent creatures that are helping us survive on our planet -- by determining how quickly global warming is occurring.
For all intents and purposes we can think of this resource as a nonrenewable resource, much like oil, and therefore one that
GLENWOOD SPRINGS - A Colorado River expert is warning that there may be serious water shortages here and further west next