Gum chewing “measurably affects physical and physiological functions,” the authors of the study concluded.
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Trump's press secretary says he swallows two and a half packs of gum before noon.
A spoof commercial advertising a magical new chewing gum that promises to cure people of their prejudices is going viral online. The Council on American-Islamic Relations created the mock ad for “Islamophobin” gum to raise awareness of the rising number of Islamophobic attacks in the U.S.
Most people have been fed a raft of urban legends about all the bad things that happen when you swallow gum. I should have a chewing gum tree the size of a sequoia inside of me by now, according to such stories.
Raffinose is another type of indigestible sugars. But really, raffinose? More like burn-my-nose. Who knew eating veggies
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I recently cruised the Viking Waterways of the Czars excursion from St. Petersburg, Russia to Moscow on this, the largest fleet of river vessels in the world.
We may need a moment before writing this post. Seriously, what are you trying to do to us here, Extra gum? We began watching
On the same side as the Kremlin, facing the frozen Moskva River, we stumbled upon the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is now better known as the Pussy Riot church.
Mexico’s chicle problem is not going to go away by itself. The machines to clean the gum cost $6000 each, and then there
Some upcoming projects include: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Murder - Oscar-winning director Ang Lee puts a noir spin
It's always tricky to call an industry "recession-proof" but, though it may sound surprising, there are a handful of industries
It is an environmental scourge that saddles local government with clean-up bills running into hundreds of thousands of pounds
Gum, as it turns out, is not yet biodegradable, no matter how earth friendly the ingredients are.