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So, exactly a year after Newtown, here's a look at all the gun control laws that Congress has passed: Congress did pass one
In her letter, Lynch also said the group was "disappointed" by Burr's background-checks vote, believing that the amendment
"I had Republican senator after Republican senator yell at me, and say, 'Enough already. Move on,'" Cruz told the Associated
In the wake of gun control’s stinging defeat on the Senate floor last week, proponents are consoling themselves with the
"Was it not the NRA position to support background checks when Mr. LaPierre himself stated in 1999 that NRA saw checks as
Supporters of the Manchin-Toomey deal were furiously trying to launch a last-minute offensive effort on Wednesday, hitting
"Claims that this legislation would create a gun registry are nothing more than shameful scare tactics," he said. "If any
UPDATE: By Wednesday morning, the legislative landscape had grown even more bleak for Manchin and Toomey. Sens. Kelly Ayotte
With legislation to expand the background check system for gun sales on the skids, the senators behind the compromise are contemplating additional changes. Zach Carter joins Marc and Alicia to discuss.
A source familiar with discussions said that the changes would likely delay the consideration of the background check bill