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Hundreds of new state gun laws have passed in the five years since the Newtown massacre, and most expand access. By Matt
What a surprise. A guy mows down more than 500 people with an assault rifle of some sort and all of a sudden Congressional
Police found 12 firearms fitted with a "bump stock" device in the shooter's hotel room.
“When it comes to protecting Internet freedom, the Christian Coalition and MoveOn respectfully agree,” read the New York
Warns of violence if Democratic president appoints liberal judges to Supreme Court.
You would think that conservative gun groups like the NRA or the GOA would be rallying around the Brown family, and demand justice. But they haven't even mentioned such an event.
Mark Kelly, whose wife, former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), was shot in the head at a constituent event, also spoke to
Reports of large-scale purchases of ammunition by federal agencies have set off conspiracy theorists, some of whom have been
"We're working on a critical infrastructure bill, and the first two Republican amendments are not about jobs, are not about
This kind of extremism represents a real challenge to the NRA. If they don't step up, they could lose credibility and eventually even leadership of the gun movement to a group like Gun Owners of America.
Solomon argued that the alleged liberal bloodlust wasn't necessarily partisan. Pratt has been an outspoken critic of the
The 41 Republican and four Democratic senators who voted to filibuster a bipartisan gun sale background check bill yesterday are rightfully losing friends quickly. But these 45 senators still have friends. And it's very telling who those friends are.
Absent a better politics, it's hard to imagine what might change the climate at a lot of local TV news shows that play up every nasty crime, or among the producers of internet games. We have to make them realize that they're doing something to kids and to our society that, as parents, and citizens, they're already living to regret.
"People see that the NRA is AWOL, and I think a lot of people who see and hear us fighting, at a time when [gun control advocates
Emotions are of central importance on all sides of the gun debate. We can't wish them away in favor of some imagined Mr. Spock-like linear rationality.