gun range

I have always found that the most effective way to counter bigotry is via face-to-face human interaction. But when you're up against all caps and seven exclamation points, not to mention a mountain of artillery, lawsuits can become necessary.
When I showed up, I was interrogated about whether I was there to commit "jihad."
Our latest mass shooting in Oregon - which did NOT occur in a gun-free zone - is just the latest reminder that good guys with guns, as good as their intentions might be, are oftentimes no match for bad guys with guns.
An advocacy group likened the bans to "whites only" signs of an earlier era.
Less than 48 hours after a nine-year-old little girl accidentally killed the instructor who was teaching her at the gun club how to use an Uzi -- yes, really, an Uzi -- the gun corporation-owned NRA sent out a tweet about all the great fun that the kiddies can have at the shooting range.
"This was a very mature young lady, and something she wanted to do and her parents her treating her," he said of the 9-year
Jones has made her unambiguous support for the Second Amendment a distinctive feature of her campaign. A spokeswoman told
Ironworker Manny Romo said he experienced constipation, swollen feet, numbness in his hands and difficulty concentrating
The "Range Rules" on Eagle's website include the provision, "Young shooters (under 18 years of age) are ONLY allowed to shoot
Last year, the city's zoning commission unanimously approved a plan for an indoor range in the basement of a former factory