gun show loophole

Two House bills aim to close the "gun show loophole." Experts say they'll have little effect on gun crime without a larger set of reforms.
The Vermont senator reiterates his call for an assault weapons ban while defending his record on other gun control issues.
No more tweets, no more 'thoughts and prayers,' no more empty statements. Let us debate. Let us have a real conversation. And then let us vote.
As I write this, a protest is occurring on the floor of the House of Representatives. Democrats, led by John Lewis, Jim Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi (and many others), are staging a "sit-in" to protest Republicans' refusal to even hold a vote on any gun control legislation.
Sen. Chris Murphy and other Democrats seized the Senate floor in a filibuster-style move to force agreement on basic gun legislation meant to close loopholes.
How do we apply this balance of ethics in the gun debate today? My conclusion was and remains that, according to Jewish law, people have the right to own a gun for self-defense, which accords with the Second Amendment.
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If we're going to have laws, then they should be practical laws that actually work. B-b-b-but what about the "slippery slope"?? Ah, yes, the slippery slope. Yes, I confess, preventing felons from buying guns sends us hurtling -- no, careening -- down that slippery slope, toward... personal safety.