I saw the news on my phone and ran outside hollering. My dad lumbered up into the house and helped me navigate his TV to CNN. Initial reports and footage made at least one thing clear. "Lord have mercy, somebody did this because of hate," my dad said quietly.
Amidst the comprehensive moral and intellectual collapse of the GOP, nothing captures its utter bankruptcy more than the issue of gun violence. Lest this seem too stark, we must consider its stunning record of rhetorical and legislative obedience to the NRA.
"Moms will no longer tolerate America's culture of gun violence. We demand to be safe in the places we go with our children
To truly honor the deceased, it is incumbent upon us to remember the name of each and every precious child and adult. When Jacob blessed Joseph, he said: "in them may my name be recalled."
I had been shot at several times. About three years ago, pretty much wrong place wrong time. I was actually walking on a
Sometimes it bothers me. They just be talking about it. ... Not every day, but almost every day, they be talking about a
I've seen or known or been in contact with maybe five to 10 people who've gotten shot. I'm not sure if that's on the high
By Yasmeen Abutaleb The study, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told HuffPost he believes that the problem doesn't rest squarely on the issue of guns. "The
As told to Carly Schwartz. In my lifetime, there’s a long list of people I went to middle school with, high school with, played
He got shot on his birthday. This car pulls up. It just sat there and turned off its lights. Next thing I know, this dude
Just knowing that you are in the situation where your life could be taken, so many things are just running through your mind
Jhonetta Nagle, 18, is a high school senior from Stockton, Calif. After attending a birthday party with her friends in 2012
A. Romano is a soft-spoken, 17-year-old senior who lives and attends high school in southwest Detroit. Last year, Romano
I didn't really have a childhood. I felt like I grew up too quick. I went down to Ontario Park. I didn't go around people
I had to find out through the actual hospital. That kind of really got to me because that was my brother. Me and my brother
Mario was like an older brother to me, he always used to call me "Lil Sis." When that happened it was horrible. When my mom
In March, The Huffington Post began talking to teens and adults throughout the U.S. about their experiences with gun violence
That's it. As told to Preston Maddock. In March, The Huffington Post began talking to teens and adults throughout the U.S