We all take you, our patients and communities, home with us at night. But please also know that our lives are never the same either. Every patient encounter alters us -- sometimes subtly, and sometimes drastically. We are changed, and we never forget.
President Barack Obama found himself in a familiar, dark place on Thursday: addressing the nation about a shooting that had
"It does not matter whether we believe that guns kill people or that people kill people with guns -- the result is the same
A December report found that nearly 100 school shootings have occurred since Sandy Hook, resulting in at least 45 deaths
Brown, who was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this month, and Martin, who was slain in
Witnesses told WKRN-TV that two people were fighting about a gambling debt when others joined in the altercation and a man
"The last meal [my mom] made... was probably the best meal I've ever had." -- Kamal Saini, son of Paramjit Kaur who was killed
The potential for violence lives within all of us, and I'm no exception. Violence in my novels is contrived--it's pure fiction--but reflects a core truth about human nature. It's never meant to be gratuitous, but rather serves the story.
I had been shot at several times. About three years ago, pretty much wrong place wrong time. I was actually walking on a
Sometimes it bothers me. They just be talking about it. ... Not every day, but almost every day, they be talking about a
I've seen or known or been in contact with maybe five to 10 people who've gotten shot. I'm not sure if that's on the high
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told HuffPost he believes that the problem doesn't rest squarely on the issue of guns. "The
As told to Carly Schwartz. In my lifetime, there’s a long list of people I went to middle school with, high school with, played
He got shot on his birthday. This car pulls up. It just sat there and turned off its lights. Next thing I know, this dude
"I honestly can't answer how many people I've known that have been shot or killed because I've known so many people," Terrance
Jhonetta Nagle, 18, is a high school senior from Stockton, Calif. After attending a birthday party with her friends in 2012
A. Romano is a soft-spoken, 17-year-old senior who lives and attends high school in southwest Detroit. Last year, Romano
I didn't really have a childhood. I felt like I grew up too quick. I went down to Ontario Park. I didn't go around people
I had to find out through the actual hospital. That kind of really got to me because that was my brother. Me and my brother