gun vote

A huge crowd gathered to show support for Democrats staging a sit-in.
Democrats took over the House floor Wednesday in a massive demonstration over Republican leadership's refusal to hold a vote on gun legislation.
Senators who rejected modest gun controls voted "in favor of continued mass killings," the paper says.
“I can’t understand why the leadership of organizations such as the NRA would think that we’re invading anybody,” he said
"I understand why people have some apprehension about this administration," he added. "I don't agree with the conclusion
"Senator Baucus, it was WRONG to vote 'no' on stopping gun violence," the ad states. "Seventy-nine percent of Montana voters
Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords skewered senators on Wednesday in a fundraising email sent out seconds after the Senate voted down an amendment to expand background checks for gun purchases.
Yet even 55-45 wasn't enough to pass the amendment -- not over the threat of a filibuster. (Officially, the background check
This story has been updated with the partisan breakdown of the Senate vote against a high-capacity magazines ban. Senate