guns in church

For seven years, Geof Peabody — owner and instructor at Peabody’s Shooting Range — has been teaching his fellow church members
My advice to these misguided television hosts, and to all of us, is that we reserve judgment until we know the facts.
No one should feel safe in the following states. These are states with the most Wild West gun laws where you are most likely to encounter someone -- anyone -- with a gun. And it is time to take a stand and do something about it.
"I guess I don't see anywhere in Scripture where we’re supposed to not use our brains," said Kluttz. "Sometimes people would
LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Faculty and staff members in Arkansas are one step closer to legally carrying concealed
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who was once a Southern Baptist minister, told Reuters that guns had saved lives
PRYOR CREEK, Okla. (RNS) Pryor Creek, Okla., is gun country. Cizik said he believes it’s difficult to make a hard and fast
A judge pointed out that he was unclear as to how the law affected the freedom of religion, the Associated Press reports
Hawkins' organization reported seven homicides in churches in 2010, but while he supports crime prevention techniques, Hawkins
More guns means less crime only in the imaginary world of the "gun rights" movement as it tries to push us toward an America where there is nowhere to go to escape the guns - even into churches.
In Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal has recently signed into law a measure that would allow you to feel comforted by the presence of your gun in the house of the Lord.
BATON ROUGE, La. (RNS) A bill that would have allowed people to carry concealed weapons to their places of worship died in
Burns' bill was amended to require a church that allows armed parishioners to notify all members in announcements from the
The bill was amended to mandate that members tapped for security duty have eight hours of tactical training. It also was
I spoke to Pastor Pagano, who started "Bring Your Gun To Church Day," and he seemed like a nice guy who happens to think guns are an important American tradition and are not out of place in a church.