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"I don't want to send my daughters to a place where concealed guns are carried on that campus," Toltz told 7News. Colorado
Hilliard said that in the future the university will not reveal to the media whether the university has any requests for
Officials from several colleges in Indiana, including Purdue University and Indiana University, objected to letting anyone
Mr. Sain is a decorated Iraqi war veteran who fought for our First and Second Amendment rights and his First and Second Amendment
Fields is the sponsor of House Bill 1224 which bans high-capacity gun magazines and limits capacity to 15 bullets, House
Siddhartha Rathod, Sain's attorney, spoke to 9News's Will Ripley on Tuesday but didn't say much except for a single phrase
Fox31 was the first to report Monday that Franklin Sain, a 42-year-old Colorado Springs man, was arrested for making threats
The Republican-controlled Arkansas state Senate voted 31 to 4 on Monday to allow colleges and universities to decide themselves
Despite the threats to some Democratic lawmakers, the measures appear to be popular amongst the majority of Coloradans as