Sikhs in New York, California and Washington state are cooking up large batches of food and buying groceries for families in need.
Five years after the Oak Creek massacre, what have we learned about hate?
Following the unthinkable events in Charlottesville, Virginia, many Americans are wondering what can be done to ease the
Five years after a neo-Nazi killed six people at a Sikh temple, America can learn from how this small Wisconsin town came together.
Remember that Sikhs are just like you and me. Their values are just as American as baseball and apple pie.
It was the second day of Eid and I had traveled with my companion, Iqbal Qaiser, to the village of Makhdoom Pur Pahuran, almost halfway between Lahore and Multan.
Growing up in New York, I've seen how religious freedom in America has allowed the Sikh community to strengthen relationships within the faith and outside of it, even as prejudice persists.
This Wednesday, Aug. 5, will mark three years since a shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, claimed the lives of six worshippers.
"Regardless of what the situation is, we need to always spread love and peace and keep helping each other."