Followers of Ashutosh Maharaj claim the guru is in a deep meditative state.
Let me begin by stating the obvious: I don't claim to have any spiritual development and I have no great qualities. But that
Netflix's "I Am Not Your Guru" goes behind the scenes of Robbins' personal growth empire.
The Saints and Sages of ancient times evolved and perfected over the centuries a system of self-development and Self-realization
Painting of Krishna and Arjuna by Jadurani Devi Dasi Copyright The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, Inc. - Used
Silence is the mother of creativity. Silence enhances our perception, understanding and helps deeper assimilation of new ideas.
"Listening to my mother Evelyn" was the key: "Differentiate yourself. Give people what they need." The words of a Bensonhurst
Born in Venezuela, Mariale Marrero is a makeup junkie turned beauty guru who started an all Spanish YouTube channel to cater to a neglected audience. Fast forward six years, her popularity is unreal.
The woman ushers us up and my husband announces to her that he will not be getting a hug -- he is "gonna skip it!" I am ready