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“It wasn’t the run I wanted to do," said the British skier who switched allegiance from the U.S. in Beijing.
The freestyle skier, who is gay, believes one athlete’s absence will be forgotten quickly without a massive show of unity.
The athlete revealed he'll now represent Great Britain in honor of his mom.
"I spent the first 23 years of my life playing a straight man,” the Olympian, who is gay, wrote in an ESPN essay.
The freestyle skier and his actor beau shared a famous kiss at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy kissed his boyfriend on-air before competing, and it had a big impact for the LGBTQ community.
At the Point Foundation's 2019 gala in New York, the Olympian recalled the challenges he faced before embracing his true self.
The Olympian will play the boyfriend of “Apocalypse” and “Coven” star Emma Roberts.
On "Fearless," the Olympic freeskier chats with a fan who sees him as a role model on and off the slopes.
The Olympic freeskier got into the spooky spirit with his figure-skating friend's S&M-inspired look.