gustave courbet

An innocent trip to the museum took me on a journey I never thought I'd take -- and one I'll never forget. must be truly good, when one dies, to be conscious of having done a thing or two in truth, knowing that as a result
In this, the fifth of a series of interviews that focus on Local 829's Scenic Artists who sculpt and paint in a variety of ways the sets we see on television, in movies and documentaries, on theater stages, and in the backgrounds of television and internet commercials the spotlight will be on the fine art of Anna Ortiz.
1866: Gustave Courbet's "The Origin of the World" Ai remains unable to leave China as a result of his arrest in 2011. 2014
Magritte's paintings, while traditional in technique (often oil on canvas), are innovative and witty in concept. Doubling, fragmentation, displacement, and irrational juxtapositions are his favored strategies.
The November auctions have proven that the art market is strong, and that the money is out there to invest in important, and expensive, pictures.
His libertine spirit persisted throughout his life: he notably declined the cross of the Legion of Honor in 1870 and eventually
Mickalene Thomas' works range from paintings of fractured interior spaces to thought-provoking riffs on famous works of art
Whether we attribute it to the power that women hold over men or Courbet's audacity to paint a frank image of a vagina as art in 1866, L'Origine du monde still has enough power to scandalize the censors at the social media giant, Facebook.
At once seemingly straightforward and confusing, Goran Djurovic's paintings in "Borrow Light" offer riddles to their viewers
One reason classical paintings are so ripe for new titles is that a lot of them portray old stories that everyone's long forgotten. With religious paintings being inherently so serious, they're the perfect comedy set-up.
The fair is divided into nine sections, each devoted to a different art form, and a team of 168 experts in 29 specialist
We Americans have become so sensitive, so wimpy, that we are in danger of ending up with art that avoids controversy at all costs. The name for such "neutered" art? Irrelevant art. Or, simply, bad art.
Matisse was a cultivated man who was comfortable in urban culture: an aesthete and a Parisian. He liked his nature refined
The Jewish Museum is the perfect setting for this stunning major retrospective of Many Ray in all his multiple phases and innovations.
2008-03-07-centerfrIn fact if you take your date (or mate) to Courbet and then to Carnegie Hall, I don't see how it's not possible to score. They are both the very epitome of enticing foreplay.