gut microbiome

MIT biologists are reprogramming gut bacteria as "live therapeutics."
Your body is like a forest, providing a home to microscopic flora and fauna. In fact, your body is home to up to 100 times more microbes than your own cells, which make up your microbiome.
Here's what the science says about how fermented foods can boost your mood.
The overwhelming majority of individuals with IBS as those with the many disorders listed above, are unaware of their underlying
What we have come to learn about the gut microbiome in just the past five years has revolutionized our understanding of the role of the digestive tract in body physiology, health, and disease outcomes.
The connection between the gut microbiome and human health is currently being explored as part of the Human Microbiome Project. This project has inspired a new wave of research into the effects of the gut microbiome and is delivering interesting findings.