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A new report cites fewer women becoming pregnant for the decline, likely because of increased accessibility of contraception.
The past year's restrictions were particularly extreme.
Women around the globe are having millions of risky abortions every year, a new study has found.
Eight dollars can buy a latte for you and a colleague on your coffee break, or a salad at lunch; it can allow you to put
"You won’t hear my story from abortion opponents."
On any given Wednesday morning, you may find Meghan Seawell sitting at her desk, in her cubicle. A content strategist for
1 - Every woman has the right to decide when to have children. And it is at this point that Parker's inner preacher takes
Who are the women now affected by Hyde who would regain access to abortion services through the EACH Woman Act?
How does one counter such cretinous refusals to treat women with respect? When logic and legislation fail, one can try coating sexual education with a healthy dose of humor and/or sarcasm.
One cannot fight poverty and simultaneously demand that poor women bear more unwanted children. If one so adamantly opposes abortion, how can one ignore the fact that adequate contraception would prevent millions of unintended pregnancies -- and reduce abortions exponentially?
We call on President Obama and his administration to use all means to provide the full range of reproductive health care needed by women, girls, and their families throughout the world. Don't let broken policy practices continue to harm the health of women.
Is there a disconnect here? Since effective contraception lessens the number of unwanted pregnancies, and thus the number of abortions? Well, yes. But the people playing the Personhood Game simply have their eye on the prize: Fertilized egg wins, woman loses.
Policymakers and the courts should ensure that women like Young who want to achieve a healthy pregnancy are reasonably accommodated by their employers without sacrificing their economic security.