GW Pharmaceuticals

The drug, Epidiolex, reduces seizures in certain types of pediatric epilepsy.
For those hoping that Big Pharma could still be blocked from the medical cannabis scene there is bad news: the deal is done. Look for the first naturally-derived, Big Pharma-produced cannabis product to be on the market by the first half of 2016, perhaps even sooner.
This is a development to watch - and one with many upside opportunities. But right now it feels like a green rush, so be careful you don't get caught up in the weeds.
Robert Randall died in 2001 having never lost his eyesight. He never achieved his goal of legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes. Still, in the next five years, and as the general public has become more accepting of cannabis and technology enables companies to develop cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals, we may see Randall's dream come true.
Why is the federal government not fostering local medicinal cannabis systems, and instead choosing to support the top-down, one-supplier model?