Gwinnett County

“There’s a disconnect between the leadership in Gwinnett County and the reality of the diversity."
On his first day in office in 2005, Hill, under the watchful eye of a team of sharpshooters he strategically positioned on
I have heard the same thing from enough other Gwinnett County educators -- principals and central office administrators -- to know that he isn't the only one saying it.
This isn't the first time this holiday season we've heard about a community coming together to help a single mom in need
Joseph Memar, 65, of Duluth, Georgia, is nothing if not determined. Arrested June 28 for "criminal attempt to commit murder
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports a first hearing on the lawsuit has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday before Fulton
WATCH: Clarification: This post has been edited to emphasize that Rinehart's request was for additional paid leave, which
Instead of dealing with the conflict that comes with both demanding and demonizing immigrants, we bury our heads away from the reality that conflict exists.
The state offered some money for the trip, but it was much less than what was needed, Adams said. After he refused the money
Third grade math is not normally the course where students are taught about beating slaves and dehumanizing labor, but two teachers at Beaver Ridge Elementary School in Atlanta thought it was a perfectly normal integration.